Pack Animal is published four times annually in March, June, September and December.

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$38: 2 years (8 issues)
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$27: 1 year (4 issues) + DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION
$43: 2 years (8 issues)+ DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION
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$33 (US): 1 year outside continental US and Canada


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1/8 page (1.75" x 5" @ 300dpi) $16.50 $27.50
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1/2 page (8.5" x 5.5" @ 300dpi) $44.00 $60.75
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January 1st for Spring issue
April 1st for Summer issue
July 1st for Fall issue
October 1st for Winter issue

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1. each listing is limited to one photo, 360pixels x 360pixels. Please email to
2. listings will not be edited, nor will they be updated as items are sold.
3. please contact to have the listing removed; otherwise, it will be removed at the end of the quarter unless payment for another quarter is made.
4. please ensure that your name and contact information is correct; I am unable to act as a liaison between seller and buyers.
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6. listing fee is $10 per quarter, billed through paypal. payment must be received before listing is posted.

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