Outfitter Profile: Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay of Yellowstone Llamas in Bozeman, Montana

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In 1994, I met my first llamas. They arrived in the back of a pickup truck all the way from Minnesota! In those days, my partner and I owned a bed & breakfast in the mountains outside Livingston, Montana near Yellowstone National Park. The llamas and I took our guests on picnic hikes. Later, I started packing into my wild neighborhood with friends. Llamas opened the door to easy exploring and camping in comfort.


In 2006, my husband Ken and I acquired Yellowstone Llamas’ concessions contract with Yellowstone National Park from Will and Renee Gavin. We have been operating the packing business as part of our Yellowstone Safari Company program since then. Yellowstone Llamas provides an opportunity for hikers and backpackers to enjoy the backcountry and to camp in style without a heavy pack. We explore Yellowstone’s magnificent backcountry with our guests, followed by our gentle, woolly hiking companions who patiently carry our camp gear, food, cameras, fishing tackle, pots, pans and extra clothing while guarding our camp and alerting us to the presence of wildlife.


The initial excitement of meeting those first llamas way back when has grown into a deep, lifelong friendship and appreciation. As another packing season ends and we look back at the trails we traveled, the people we met and the wildlife we observed, I am grateful for all the experiences we shared with our llamas and am looking forward to many more!