Outfitter Profile: John Myers of Llamas Colorado in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Online at www.llamascolorado.com


People often ask me why I got into llamas. I tell them the truth: I got old and needed some help. I like to hike to and fly fish those high mountain lakes that give you a nose bleed or make you throw up when you are carrying a 60-pound pack on your back. Twelve years ago, my buddies and I decided there must be a better way. A few llama lessons later, and we were on our way with the first two llamas. I grew to love those llamas and not only enjoyed their packing abilities but also the remarkable individual personalities that I came to know. They were as different from each other as any two people I have ever met.


As time went by, they got old and I got older. It became clear that they needed time in the pasture and I need some new llamas. Well, now I have over thirty llamas and have been breeding for about five years. I also started training and conditioning the llamas so they can perform at their best. I have seen the light bulb go on a number of times when I am training—they suddenly understand the work of packing up the trail and this new job they have gives them a sense of pride.


So now I get to enjoy some wonderful, powerful and very sweet llamas that love to carry my gear into the high country. I raise them from super cute crias to springy adolescents to powerful intact males that can follow their instincts to become some of the best packers to hit the trails. I rent them out for the most part and, when I can stand to let them go, I sell them (reluctantly). If I go on a trip for a few weeks, I miss them like they are family… I am afraid this has become an addiction.