Outfitter Profile: Greg Harford of Potato Ranch Llama Packers in Sonora, California

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I was introduced to llamas in the early 1980s by my brother Russ. We llama packed in the Central Sierra Nevada for several years. In 1991, I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Portland, Oregon. Wow, there were llamas everywhere! My wife and I purchased five llamas and started a breeding program. Our daughter Katie was born in 1994, and we started llama packing with an infant. During this time, we met so many people on the trail who were amazed at the concept of packing with llamas and how it would allow them to get into the backcountry more with their families. After asking the usual questions about llamas, other hikers would always ask where they could rent them. A few years later we moved back to California, to the Sierra foothills in Sonora, and Potato Ranch Llama Packers was born. We now rent llamas for self-guided pack trips, breed pack llamas and get into the backcountry a few days ourselves.