Summer 2019 Letter from the Editor

I’ve just returned home from the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Rendezvous in Boise, Idaho—and, boy, was it a blast! I met some great people, learned a lot, and spread the word about Pack Animal. If you were there and didn’t see me, I’m sorry we missed each other. If we *did* meet up at the Rendezvous, there’s a good chance I recruited you for an article or two, so start writing!


The BHA gathering is only the beginning of the summer calendar—check out the list of upcoming events on page 17 and get out and enjoy the backcountry with like-minded folks this summer!


This issue includes the launch of our new column, Wilderness Wisdom (page 23), as well as a new author for the Goat Packing column, Nan Hassey. Nan and I first met at the 2017 NAPgA Rendy in Lake City, CO and then I convinced her to join me for Pack Animal’s first-ever all-pack-animal pack trip last summer. Nan is so knowledgeable and has such enthusiasm for packgoats; I know she will do great things with the column.


In keeping with this year’s Hunters & Anglers theme, our cover story is about an elk hunt with packgoats. We also have a story from Eric Gustafson who just brought his first two llamas home and is looking forward to a lifetime of packing with them. Llama packers, new and old alike, should seriously consider joining the Hopeless Crew—Gary Carlton, organizer of the Hope Pass aid station for the Leadville Trail 100, is always looking for volunteers (article on page 14).


Pack Animal, in partnership with West Denver Trout Unlimited and the American Alpine Club Library in Golden, Colorado, has launched a Nature Writing Book Club (details in the calendar on page 17). I am also working on a couple of designs for Pack Animal t-shirts, so stay tuned for more on that.


Finally, I want to remind you all of the Packers’ Lunch we hold every quarter in Golden, CO. I know our readers are sprinkled across the country— and the globe—but for those of you on or near Colorado’s Front Range, please consider dropping by for one of the lunches. It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow packers, trade stories and information, and talk shop over an informal lunch. Details can be found on the back cover.


Enjoy your summer, and
Happy Trails!
Alexa Metrick, Editor